JYC Medical Equipment

JYC Medical Equipment


JYC Medical Equipment is the most recent addition to the JYC Equipment LLC group of companies; we specialize in the purchase and sale of used medical imaging equipment like MRI scanners, CT scanners, X-Ray, Mammography, and Ultrasound equipment. We offer top quality pre-owned medical equipment for your imaging process, helping you to operate while reducing costs and saving money to your company.

We are currently helping companies like yours to offload surplus medical equipment by buying them for our stock and reselling them to our customers overseas. This way, you maximize your business cost-efficiency management, by saving time and money on repairs and maintenance you no longer need to perform; leave that to us and avoid the headaches associated with the disposal of excess equipment.

JYC Medical Equipment is always working to understand the industry and the needs of the companies in the medical imaging area in order to help the customers to make the right decisions on buying or selling their equipment.

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